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Demand Inflections

Random Walk’s  technology driven data ensemble  helps investors identify potential inflections before they are priced in.   Utilizing a combination of several email and web consumer panels  our systems identify and report  changes in consumer preferences for key products and services.

Promotional Index

Our promotional index is the most quantitative and robust data tracking changes in discounts, marketing campaigns, frequency of offers for leading consumer brands.

New Customer Growth

For several hundred brands we are able to track new sign up related email confirmations.

Promotional Insights

Our email intelligence provides the industry’s most robust analysis on timing and trend changes in promotions with history dating back more than 5 years.

Proprietary Surveys

Random Walk’s team manages the survey process to produce accurate real-time insights.  Surveys of our subject matter experts.  Identify changes in sentiment, buying patterns, awareness.


Email Intelligence

Random Walk is a technology driven independent firm focused on quantifying changes in how large public brands are interacting with their leads and customers and then measuring the consumer’s response.

Data Driven

Maintaining An Edge

Our team of data scientists uses natural language processing in order to classify and categorize more than 100,000 digital messages from 200 brands weekly.  This helps generate real-time insights into how organic demand for brands maybe changing.


Forecasting Operating Trends

Since inception in 2011, our insights have identified hundreds of significant inflections before operating results are made public.  With our weekly updates we can capture changes in demand and sales trends in near-real time.

 Our Service

Actionable Investment Insight

We uncover real-time inflections in demand.  Our clients are alerted to these unforeseen changes in consumer trends and how they could impact growth trajectories.


Our Email classification engine uses NLP and machine learning to quantitatively track trends in discounting and promotions.

View Positive  Inflections  


View Negative  Inflections   

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Our team¬† generates and maintains the industry’s most accurate quantitative promotional trend data for over 300 brands.¬† Our data scientists, natural language processing python developers, email systems experts,¬† software engineers focus on creating the most robust insights in how brands are communicating with customers and leads.¬† ¬†Random Walk’s focus is not telling our institutional investors how to do invest, but instead providing them with very clear quantitative measurable data visualizations.¬† Specifically, we deliver a promotional ensemble that provides a picture of potential trend changes and inflections.¬† The easiest method management teams have to react to poor demand is to ramp email activities and our systems alert investors before the market to these changes


Greg Robin is the founder of Random Walk.  He has over twenty years experience in finance and delivered big data insights to investors long before it was popularized on the street.  He has a background in computer science with a graduate degree in distributed systems and has a background in search engine optimization having worked with over a dozen publicly traded companies.   He previously held his research analyst Series 86/87,  Series 24, Series 7, Series 4.


Paul Jin¬† leads the technology process at Random Walk. He holds a Master in Computational Science from University of California San Diego.¬† Formerly a Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs, he is an expert in Data Analysis, Data Visualization and Machine learning.¬† ¬†In addition to his role at Random Walk, he is a leader in software development for Google’s cloud platform.


Denise Aptekar helps drive the strategic vision for Random Walk. Denise has achieved success  in the fintech space as one of the first PayPal team members, later a team member for Upwork.  She has provided management consulting as well as successfully invested in several pre IPO successes.   Denise is a Stanford graduate and long time Silicon Valley resident.


Dr. Klaus Schulte is a master in data visualization and leads the design and implementation of Random Walks promotional ensemble primarily within Tableau.  Klaus is a professor and CEO of CO data GmbH and has been awarded the honor of Iron Viz Champion and is recognized as a Tableau Zen Master


Matt Gordon serves as an Analyst for Random Walk identifying big data insights to share with institutional investors. He is leading efforts to uncover larger inflections mapping our email intelligence to operating trends and KPIs. He has passed the CFA Level 1 Exam and served in credit and equity analyst roles. He holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Delaware where he served as a Sector Head in the Blue Hen Investment Club.



To help protect our clients’ edge we maintain a narrow distribution. Give us a call to see if we can work together.


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