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DOCU: ‘Welcome to Docusign’, ‘Completed Docusign’ confirms predict subscriber growth

   05 Jun 2021

Our email intelligence tracking more than 1 million consumers helps investors identify potential inflections that transactional focused big data often misses.┬á Instead of receipt and credit card data, our process can often find data series that are more leading indicators than coincident.┬á During the pandemic we were able to identify beneficiaries ahead of more expensive transaction data using this methodology.┬á Our system┬á tracks a wide range of sign-up and confirmation emails┬á that occur before becoming a paying customer.┬á For Docusign, we identified┬á this trend early b based on explosive growth in Free Trail Sign up and Welcome to Docusign confirmations.┬á Also, as can seen, despite lapping COVID and record setting growth our tracking of “completed Docusign Document” confirmation emails helped predict explosive subscriber growth.

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