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Random Walk & Greg Robin: Creating the Leading Promotional Ensemble


Our team is laser focused on generating the industry’s most accurate quantitative promotional trend data for nearly 200 brands.  Our data scientists, natural language processing python developers, email systems experts,  software engineers focus on creating the most robust insights in how brands are communicating with customers and leads.   Random Walk’s focus is not telling our institutional investors how to do invest, but instead providing them with very clear quantitative measurable data visualizations.  Specifically, we deliver a promotional ensemble that provides a picture of potential trend changes and inflections.  Our near term objective to dramatically improve our promotional signals by creating brand by brand business logic to truly help investors understand what constitute a steep discount, an extended sale, a flash sale, an unexpected promotion and more.


Gregory Robin, Founded Random Walk in 2011

Greg Robin is the founder of Random Walk.  He has over twenty years in finance and has been involved in delivering big data insights to investors long before it was popularized on the street.  He has a background in computer science with a graduate degree in distributed systems and has a background in search engine optimization having worked with over a dozen publicly traded companies.   On the finance side Greg understands the needs of his clients as he has been providing insights over the past decade and previously held his research analyst series 86/87,  series 24, series 7, series 4.   Currently Greg also serves as the Product Manager for the soon to be released promotional insights dashboard working with a network of developers on the business logic of classifying, filtering and  categorizing nearly 4 million emails from almost 200 leading brands.



Stephen McMurtry leads the technology process at Random Walk. He holds a BSc in Physics and Mathematics and a Masters of Applied Science. He has more than 4 years of industry experience creating mathematical models and preparing analysis to help others make data driven decisions. Stephen has produced data visualizations for the web that have been viewed more than one million times.



Timothy Gillihan leads the forecasting process, projecting key financial metrics based on Random Walk’s proprietary data. He has over ten years of experience analyzing publicly traded companies across all industries and regularly testifies as an accounting and economic expert witness in federal and state courts. Tim has interviewed hundreds of C-level executives regarding accounting practices, financial results, and expected future performance. Extensive knowledge of industry benchmarks and performance standards.

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