Data Driven Insights


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Demand Inflections

Random Walk’sĀ  technology driven data ensembleĀ  helps investors identify potential inflections before they are priced in.Ā  Ā Utilizing a combination of several email and web consumer panelsĀ  our systems identify and reportĀ  changes in consumer preferences for key products and services.

Online Engagement

With a robust international web panel our intelligence dissects organic online engagement trends for over 150 consumer brands.

Email Confirmations

For several hundred brands we are able to track new sign up related email confirmations.

Promotional Insights

Our team of data scientists provides the industry’s most robust analysis on timing and trend changes in promotions with history dating back more than 4 years.

Email Intelligence

Random Walk’s technology parses and categorizes millions of emails from over 150 brands to accurately quantify changes in promotional cadence and discounting, new customer acquisitions and purchasing habits.

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