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Data Driven Insights


Demand Inflections

Random Walk’s  technology driven data ensemble  helps investors identify potential inflections before they are priced in.   Utilizing a combination of several email and web consumer panels  our systems identify and report  changes in consumer preferences for key products and services.

Promotional Index

Our promotional index is the most quantitative and robust data tracking changes in discounts, marketing campaigns, frequency of offers for leading consumer brands.

New Customer Growth

For several hundred brands we are able to track new sign up related email confirmations.

Promotional Insights

Our email intelligence provides the industry’s most robust analysis on timing and trend changes in promotions with history dating back more than 5 years.

Proprietary Surveys

Random Walk’s team manages the survey process to produce accurate real-time insights.  Surveys of our subject matter experts.  Identify changes in sentiment, buying patterns, awareness.

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