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Largest Inflections: Strongest Growth & Worst Decliners

Updated weekly, our industry leading email intelligence tracks consumers in near real-time. Identify trends and inflections before earnings, and ahead of the street.

Q4: Strong Demand Fastest Rising
Q4: Tepid Demand, Steep Slowing

Q4 Improving Detailed List

Q4 Slowing Detailed List

Rising Discounts, Promotions Predict Reduced Guidance

Within our universe of nearly 300 names, our email intelligence identified several brands relying on record setting promotions and discount to drive traffic both online and in stores. Compared with prior years, total promotional volume, total steep discounts, total significant discounts were all at least 100-200% higher than year ago levels.

Our systems alert investors to these situations which have often signaled dramatically reduced guidance.


Explosive Growth in Organic Demand

Over the past three weeks our email intelligence tracking the most accurate proxy of consumer activity has identified brands that are showing strong growth in email order confirmations, welcome emails or other similar.

Growth Outliers List

Weak Email Receipts, Confirmations Signal Miss

Tracking more than 1 million consumers, our ensemble has been successful at identifying severe slowdowns in demand for key goods and services.

(12) Our current list contains outliers that have shown dramatic deceleration in demand online.

Updated Slowing List

Holiday Trends Update

For many of the brands within our universe, data indicates stable trends in terms of organic traffic, email receipts, and new account confirmations.

This year, lapping one of the most unusual periods in history due to COVID, our ensemble has also uncovered a wide range of dispersions and outliers.