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Service Part2


Email Intelligence

Random Walk is a technology driven independent firm focused on quantifying changes in how large public brands are interacting with their leads and customers and then measuring the consumer’s response.

Data Driven

Maintaining An Edge

Our team of data scientists uses natural language processing in order to classify and categorize more than 100,000 digital messages from 200 brands weekly.  This helps generate real-time insights into how organic demand for brands maybe changing.


Forecasting Operating Trends

Since inception in 2011, our insights have identified hundreds of significant inflections before operating results are made public.  With our weekly updates we can capture changes in demand and sales trends in near-real time.

 Our Service

Actionable Investment Insight

We uncover real-time inflections in demand.  Our clients are alerted to these unforeseen changes in consumer trends and how they could impact growth trajectories.

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