PETS: Email intelligence reveals inflection as 1-800-PetMeds gets CHWD up

   03 Oct 2018

Oct 2018.  Random Walk ensemble identifies loss of consumer orders to 1800PetMeds (PETS) due to new competitor Chewy(CHWY).  Several months after recent IPO Chewy launched its own online “Pet Pharmacy” our ensemble indicated that explosive growth in online advertising and email campaigns were siphoning  1800petmeds customers.

Our email intelligence tracks changes in the number of email campaigns for nearly 150 brands and  alerted us new record high volumes in total promotional email campaigns originating from the Chewy sending domain.

CHWY: Our email intelligence alerted us to new record high sending volumes originating from Chewy

Zooming in for more granularity, our email parsing systems classified a substantial subset of these  emails  specifically  as promotions offering ‘$15 off  any Chewy Pharma order’.





Our categorization system classified an explosive number of $’15 off your Chewy Pharmacy Order’.

Chewy: Discounting new chewy RS Pharmacy to attract new customers.

Lastly, but importantly our analysis of web panel activity indicated sharp and recent declines in the number of consumers reaching the checkout confirmation URL within  Confirming our hypothesis that aggressive competitive threats were already impacting sales.

PETS: Online checkouts rapidly declining due to new competitor CHWY

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