Angie’s List (ANG): Review Volume and Subscriber Growth Stalling

   10 Jul 2013

Yelp Taking Share, Reviews Non-Organic, Engagement Slowing

Over the past month overall engagement to Angie’s List has slowed. While the majority of ANGI short-term ability to hit revenue’s is more dependent on service providers, the slower level of interest from members/subscribers is a concern. Over the past month total engagement growth has slowed to about 20% YoY compared with the 40% growth since earlier this year. Additionally, one of the weaker metrics is total clicks by users/members on the site, which has turned negative YoY. Perhaps Yelp and newer entrant are taking share? In June Homeadvisor appeared to get near 5 million total visitors in August and has been growing over 80% year over year.

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